Is side hustle internship legit?

I participated in Side Hustle practice 4, 0 and I must admit it was a surprise for me. No paid internship could do more than them. My secondary idea is to offer a service of directly helping people prepare with a good process for their personal finances. Side Hustle is a human resources platform where business owners are offered exclusive access to skilled, creative and resourceful young people (college students, graduates and members of youth corporations) in Nigeria.

The Side Hustle internship platform is a free online learning platform for young people to learn technological skills. My experience wasn't the best like most interns, but I know that secondary hustle and bustle isn't losing. It's not all bad, but I would like the secondary team to develop an efficient way of teaching people. If you don't have the money for a course on Udemy, Coursera, or Edx, Side Hustle might be right where you end up.

To this end, they organize internship programs for young Nigerians (university students, graduates and members of the youth body) so that they can learn from the best minds, execute their ideas and help entrepreneurs grow and achieve their business goals without having to go broke. Side Hustle is a talent management company, supporting global companies and startups by providing them with the right young African talent %26 remote teams. Side Hustle classes are free, and I think people should make the most of them, but they just have to ignore the annoying system they have.

Madge Edwards
Madge Edwards

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