Why is it called side hustle?

The term Side Hustle is currently usually translated as a compound open word, although some dictionaries list it with a hyphen, such as in side-hustle. The word is a combination of the word side that does not mean the main thing, and hustle which means to rush, to move on, to pursue something energetically. A side job is not the same as a part-time job. While part-time work still involves someone else (your employer) making the decisions (including the hours worked and what you'll be paid), an extra effort gives you the freedom to decide how much you want to work and earn.

We have legions of entrepreneurial mothers, passionate entrepreneurs, secondary hustlers and concert workers. If you run your own business, you're an entrepreneur and it's essential that you start owning it. Often, side jobs are individual or entrepreneurial ventures, and when you're the boss you can make the decisions, including when and for how long you'll work. Working in a side job may also be informally referred to as moonlighting, usually when it is done after normal working hours.

You can start your own side job, or you can complete the job as a freelancer, contract, on-call, or part-time for a company. But by having the ability to make all the decisions involved, you will effectively increase your self-confidence, your overall confidence and your sense of empowerment, both personally and professionally. When a person's primary job only provides income so that they can pursue their preferred side job, it's generally known as day work. So, this usually seems to take time for your hustle and bustle before or after work, on weekends, or during any other breaks you may have.

A side job, also informally called a side job or side job, is an additional job that a person takes in addition to their primary job to supplement their income. Instead of investing a lot of money, the biggest secondary investment is usually the scammer's time.

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